Patient Testimonials

Susanne L.

"I have greatly increased my mobility, and more importantly, I have the knowledge and confidence to continue to progress. I thought there was nothing that could help my progressive neuropathy disease. I was so wrong! You have given me hope for a bright future. Thank you so much. It has been a pleasure coming here for the past 8 weeks."

Steeve T.

"Karine put me on the right path to recovery. I can run, walk my dog again and be very active when I thought my condition was going to impede forever. Great therapy and coaching!"

Amanda D.

"Technical hikes were a "no go" for me before therapy. Just day-to-day activities were difficult. But now I'm back to my difficult hikes without dizziness or headaches. I can function in all the most important activities that keep me grounded. Thank you Karine! :)"

Gisele M.

"After only four months of neuro physio therapy, I feel so much better! Dizziness and debilitating vertigo are becoming a thing of the past. From riding the subway to a Jays' game once a year to just getting up and functionning in the morning, keeping vertigo at bay is allowing me to enjoy my life!

Thanks Bailey! Your expertise is invaluable!"

Samantha B.

"I started therapy when my hand wound was very fresh. To do anything with it was painful and a challenge. I was very afraid my feeling would never return and normal tasks wouldn't be possible. Although my treatment timeline was quick the progression of my hand was also quick. I finished my last day not feeling afraid of my numbness and being able to do everything I did before (with a few small differences that I believe will heal with time).

Thank you!"

Brian M.

"The literal "pain in my" neck is gone!! This was the biggest win for me!! No more headaches!!"

Nora O.

"I was concerned about my walking especially on stairs. I'm more confident when using stairs and when walking. I was surprised that I recovered or improved quickly."

Leonard v.d.M.

"After a serious fall I didn't think I would ever be fully able to do all the things my lifestyle requires... Working at heights, dealing with chainsaws, lifting heavy weights. BUT Emmy took care of my final challenge in the recovery process - overcoming vertigo. I'm back to my old self and once again fighting against the on-set of old age."

Ryland T.

"Bailey helped me feel more confident that my back would be healed thanks to her expert advice and guidance. I can work with ease, sleep well, and play sports again, I'm happy with my progress so far and feel strong and happy again. Being able to work out with confidence is very important to me and was only possible thanks to Bailey."

Monique P.

"I came here looking for help in reducing and helping with my knee pain.

Meeting with Bailey was phnomenal.

She gave me full evaluation and suggested a treatment plan.

She went the extra mile to make sure my needs were met and the therapy was right for me.

Due to Bailey expertise, I'm now able to walk and do my regular activities pain free. You also help me regain strength which I'm grateful.

Thank you!"

Tanya B.

"I came in with neck pain and headaches due to a tire falling on my head. It was determined that I probably had a concussion and pain in my C2 vertebrae as well as some neck muscles compensation. At first, I wasn't even able to follow the metronome beat in the assessment and I would get dizzy. I followed Karine's exercises and now I am happy to say I can follow the beat and have no symptoms on any of the concussion tests. The neck was a bit more stubborn to treat but with manual therapy and exercises to correct my posture, I can say I am mostly pain free and I now know what I can do if I ever get another flare up! My tuning point was when we started to get more physical/practical and involved weights. I seen a huge difference because we were strengthening the right muscles in my neck to do the work."

Manon P.

"I used to wake up with my pinky locked up and numbness down my arms. I struggled to stay in some positions for a long time but now I no longer get any numbness. I can sleep all night and place my arms in all sorts of positions. I also have more mobility after all the nerve glides. We also worked on posture so now I more easily stand straight."

Mike O.

"I am extremely grateful for my physiotherapy team. Bailey and Lina worked extensively with me on a sciatic injury. Their expertise and therapy has helped me become more mobile and allowed me to return to hockey and running. Thank you to both Lina and Bailey!"


"I had a lot of knee pain and had stopped running and playing hockey. Physio helped me gain strength, have improved balance and after it improved enough I played hockey for the first time in 4 years. I also am running/walking up to 4km sessions. THANK YOU!!!"

Claudette D.

"Of course, after my car accident, I never thought I would feel normal again. I had a bad whiplash. But with the help and perseverance of Bailey, I was able to get back to doing my activities. Such as quilting and golfing. Thank you so much for all your hard work."

Lucille D.

"Came in after falling on ice - concussion with dizziness, headaches, etc. Exercises and gentle neck tractions got rid of all the problems. Thank you Emmy!"


"I am very thankful for the care I received during my treatment period here with Emmy.  I was diagnosed with a mild traumatic brain inury after a car accident as a child. I've spent most of my life dealing with the effects of this. It was devastating for me to suffer another concussion after a recent car accident. I was unable to work briefly and am so grateful to have been able to return to work and resume normal activities again. Thank you Emmy and Neuro Physio!"

Skyler P.

"When I first started my journey with Neuro Physio, I was having debilitating neck pain flare ups that would leave me in tears and nearly unable to move. It was rare for me to have a pain-free day. Throughout my time working with Christina, I have noticed significant improvements in my mobility, my pain levels and my confidence. I no longer hesitate to do certain activties that I used to fear as they would lead to flare up. I feel like I have my life and my youth back. I am pain-free! Christina, you are amazing! Thank you x 1 000 000!"

Danielle P.

"I used to get headaches all the time. Now that I completed treatment I have not had any. I am very thankful that Emmy was able to help me ease my symptoms. I can't thank her enough for all she has done!"

Mary F.

"Therapy really helped. Exercises paid off as the pain is gone. 

Emmy is an angel :)"

James P.

"Therapy has allowed me to regain range of motion in my non dominant shoulder that was restricting activties such as swimming, archery and simple chores like lifting groceries out of the back seat of a vehicle. 

Bailey said there would be ice cream, but that turned out to be false... not cool Bailey... not cool!!!"

Laurier F.

"Balance and strength have improved greatly. Driving and back to work feels great. Thanks Emmy for your help and understanding."

Rhianna G.

"I came to see Emmy for shooting pain in my lower back. After correcting my form in the gym and introducing mobility work into my routine, I am able to sit comfortably in lectures and workout at my full potential again!

Thanks Emmy!"

Amanda M.

"Regained my strength, mobility, balance and confidence. I feel like a new-improved me. I'm extremely happy and proud of my progress since December 2022, all thanks to Emmy! :)

In December I couldn't even write... look at me go now! I feel great and completely empowered. 

Thank you Emmy! (You gave me my life back!)"

Amber D.

"When I first came in I had headaches and vision fatigue; I couldn't spend much time reading or on the computer (1hr or so). I didn't watch TV or movies because it was work. 

Now I'm able to work on the computer all day (if my job needs that), I will watch videos without thinking of the effort. I don't have fear of the visual and balance disturbance of fast motion, I rarely get nausious. And I have tools to help me continue to progress!

It gets better post-brain surgery."

Martin R.

"I came into treatment lacking confidence in regard to my balance and was discharged with an understanding of my deficits and confidence on my feet to the point of doing stairs with no hand support (that being identified as my main goal during admission)."

Dryden O.

"I started out not knowing how I got or what to do with my injury. As weeks went by the pain got worse until I went to physio and got it all looked at. A few weeks later I started to feel reduced pain in my shoulder and I noticed I had gotten more mobility back... and now I can go back to benching!! :)"

Cheryl B.

"My quality of life is better. My balance is better, the team is great. Thanks for everything"


"When I first arrived to meet Emmy my pain was a constant 6 - 8 - 10, after our first meeting I knew I made the right decision as she made a structured plan to increase strength and range of motion. With this plan I have completely turned my life around. Pain is rarely on my mind, I am weight lifting again, I am CONFIDENT again, and I have the necessary tools to continue improving my life. I have the strength now to be who I was before and BETTER. 6+ years of chronic pain solved through hard work and determination and it is all thanks to Emmy.  She believed in me when I did not believe in myself. Now I am the person I always wished I could of gone back to being. Thank you."

Nikka V.

"I have been  a professional gymnast for most of my life. Flipping with twisting were part of my every day. But concussions with injuries prevented me from continuing to train with flip recreationally. I genuinly thought I was always going to experience frequent migraines with vertigo with honestly lost hope on getting better. Until I came here! After not flipping with tumbling for about 5 years, I AM BACK IN THE GYM! Emmy's treatment plan worked perfectly for me. I am also frequently active, working out, rock climbing, horse back riding, doing yoga... All things I couldn't do before physio"

Judy S.

"I was experiencing dizziness since coming here and having the treatment it is gone and I am so glad I came. I had a good therapist. Thanks to Emmy."

Stephanie L.

"I have regained my full range of motion in my shoulder. I can now go back to doing my regular yoga routines and upper body workouts pain free! I no longer have pain during the day doing regular tasks involving reaching."

Max P.

"Helped me a lot to understand about my Parkinson's Disease.

Helped a lot to control my mobility and balance. I now have the tools to help me."

A D.

"Wonderful experience. No stabbing pain in my collar bone area :) Thank you!"

Adel Z.

"I feel, at the end of my therapy sessions like I've been given another chance at being free of dizziness and painful headaches. This is largely due to Emmy's interventions. Thanks so much."

Nicole F. B.

"Emmy's exercise helped with my "vestibular neuritis". After 1 month back to driving! Vertigo gone! Balance in walking has improved 80%. 

Great therapist and fun too!"

Rudolf F.

"I have the "best" (Emmy) physio person help me. I feel that I have big improvement walking than before I came here. 

Thank you Emmy for the great help you gave me!"

Dickson N.

"The progress in therapy. I feel very comfortable and confident to do the exercise. They teach me the right way to do my job in order to avoid further damage of my shoulder."

Dan B.

"I have had increased mobility and less pain in my knee. This has allowed me to walk longer and do activities I could not do before. Thank you."

Monica G.

"I started with a mid back pain that sometimes seem to wrap around to the front. That has disappeared and I now have much more flexibility in my upper back and much better posture and ways of coping when I do get upper back discomfort."

Cathy M.

"I came in with a lot of knee pain and a very bad limp and walking pattern. I had to do stairs one at a time like a toddler. I have a much better walking pattern now with very little limping. I can now do stairs properly with almost no pain. Still some work to do but "Rome wasn't built in a day." Thanks Karine."

Tracy W.

"When I started I could hardly walk my foot was so sore. Now I am back to all of my activities. Thanks so very much."

Pablo P.

"Walked into Neuro Physio with dizzyness and nausea. The Neuro Physio team worked with me to manage my symptoms. Forever grateful. Thanks."

Yves L.

"Therapy helped me get out of the house and go back to doing Jiu-Jitsu. I wasn't able to jog at all and now with the exercise program I'm on I am able to jog small distances. Even getting out of bed was difficult at times. 

Therapy gave me the mental motivation to start slow and do things minimal and build on those strengths. Since I started I've been playing more guitar and use this for exercising my hands."

Natalie L.

"Before therapy, I had difficulty doing basic daily activties. I /Emmy was quickly able to increase my range of motion and return to doing basic activities. Within weeks, I was able to return to my favorite sports: running, conoeing, backpacking!"

Paula M.

"I came to Neuro Physio with a lot of pain and trouble walking. Balance was not the best. I was worried about being able to work comfortable. Now I feel great my pain is gone and I can walk and work pain free. Best place ever!"

Kamryn N.

"Before I came to Neuro Physio, my headaches were constant and very painful. With lots of sessions and time, it really helped. It took lots of hard work, but I got my life back again! Everyone here was very nice and supportive! Thank you so much!"

Jennifer M.

"My Meniere's flare up is gone. Symptoms have lessened significantly in frequency and severity. I struggled with rapid side + side head movement as well as sitting up from lying rapidly. With Emmy's help and her exercises, I don't struggle anymore. I feel wonderful compared to how much I was struggling when I first started treatment with Emmy. I am so happy and grateful."

Marianne L.

"I had a lot of pain in my right hip and some in my left. It inhibited my daily routine as it was quite painful. The exercises were easy and the gradual escalation helped me immensely. I no longer have the sharp shooting pain when standing up from a sitting position. My therapist Emmy was very professional, knowledgeable and helped me get better. Thank you."

Mike A.

"-Before I met Karine I could not grab my seat belt, lift a coffee cup or grip a club. Now I can do all 3 pain free.

-By following instructions and exercises I was able to turn things around 360° 😊 .

-Now I have zero pain compared to being afraid to use my wrist for anything.

-The Neuro team made things easy and lots of fun. I looked forward to my visits and will miss seeing the team weekly.

-This is my 3rd physio clinic in 3 years, and I have finally found the results I was looking for.


Stuart V.

"Trouble bending, twisting, walking and kneeling. Therapy was a God send. I was in knee'd of repair. Thanks so much Emmy. See you on the golf course."

Bria V.

"Before I came I wasn't able to do any of my hobbies, sleep, or even shower by myself. Now I'm back to normal or even better than before my vertigo started because of the therapy. It helped cure me of problems I just accepted as normal for years."

Lorrie D.

"Before beginning therapy I was dizzy everyday it would interfere in my work, my day-to-day life (driving, outings, etc...) 

After my sessions I am no longer hesitant going back to work (working full time all 72 hours a week) I am able to live my life as though I was never injured at work. 

No more dizziness. Very few and mild migraines. Back to some sort of normalcy."

Tina G.

"After a significant ankle injury, many activities I used to do for strength (both mental and physical) were too painful: walking, running, yoga, etc. 

Even the simplest poses and short walks were painful. Every day I made sure to include Emmy's exercises into my daily routine and soon I noticed I could walk longer, hold poses longer and eventually run! 

What a change! My mood and health have improved so much and I am forever grateful."

Rachelle F.

"I had a lot of pain in my arm when I began therapy. Emmy created a plan for me and helped me get comfortable moving again. Now I'm exercising again with no pain and life feels like it's back to normal. Thanks Emmy!"

Carol L.

"Before I came I was not able to walk without a walker and you (Christina and Emmy) have strengthened all my muscles and now I can walk normally again with no pain at all especially in groin area. My balance is back and life is good."

Debbie Van V.

"My progress is excellent, the most improvement is in my ability to get up from a sitting position to standing without any pain and to move right away without having to stand in one spot to get my strength to move."

Kelly F.

"I came in with a frozen shoulder and had pain along with a loss of mobility in my right shoulder. I was not able to write, touch my head (wash hair) or lift my right arm. 

With Emmy's guidance, she developed a plan to get me moving again and within weeks I was able to do my daily tasks once again. 

She has been very knowledgeable and patient and today my shoulder feels 100%, I am very happy to graduate :)"

Dominik A.

"I was unable to work for a short period of time and had lost mobility in my lower body due to excruciating nerve pain. 

I had lost hope that I would ever be able to return to my active lifestyle but Emmy helped me gain quick progress and get my quality of life back. 

I feel like my old self again and am able to look towards the future ahead of me!"

Natalie S.

"I was very apprehensive moving my head and neck in certain directions prior to therapy, and was hesitant when I had to put my baby in her crib. 

With therapy and practice these movements no longer cause me symptoms and I am no longer apprehensive to do them."

Isabelle D.

"Before starting therapy, I struggled with daily task due to headaches, dizziness and lightheadedness caused from previous concussions. 

Now I can successfully do those daily tasks at a faster rate with no symptoms, and can resume physical activities."

YolLande H.

"I was fortunate to get Neuro Physio to help me with my pain. I came with a hip pain but the sessions help not only my hip issues. Also every other part of my body that an issue. 

I thank Karine and the rest of the staff for their understanding and help me to get my strength back and get my pain to a tolerated level.

This is my success story. 

Good service"

Bernard P.

"Began with three physical issues. Arms were in pain, ankle was painful and prevented walking any distance, neck was not moving without pain due to surgery.

Today I am back to hiking, cutting and clearing brush and doing everything I could a year ago.

Thank you. It was a process but listening and doing your part does get you to a good place."


"It hurt when I would move my knees. I found I was avoiding normal activities due to the pain. It really affected my daily life.

I no longer hurt! It is quite amazing how much I have improved my walking ability and can and have started really walking again.

I will say at first I was skeptical about physio but am now a firm believer!


Lynn b.

"I had a low back muscle strain that put me in the ER and was completely debilitating. 

Could barely walk or stand up. I was terrified about the potential for chronic issues because I live a very active life. 

Physio was tough at first. The exercises hurt and I was so tired. I did the work and they got easier, and exercises progressed. I began testing myself and wow… 6 weeks later I am almost “back” to normal. 

I’m happy to work on protecting and strengthening my core and back for years to come. 

Thank you!"

bernadette m.

"Knee pain was the story of my life. My knee pain was my constant companion. Tylenol, Advil, CBD oil, then cortisone shots. I could not walk straight, could not sit long, could not sleep at night.

I now have a better understanding of why I had pain. I have and will continue to work on the mechanics of walking and being aware of my knee stability. 

I am living with less pain, taking less meds and can be a little more active."

cathy M.

"Originally, I began physio treatment because of knee pain. It was challenging for me to get up from the floor, go up and down stairs, and putting on socks and trimming my toenails had also become challenging and painful, not only in my knee but also in my hip. I often had a hard time getting through my work day as well.

I began physio and after about 3 weeks, the pain in my knee lessened greatly. We also began working on improving the range of motion in my hip. Christina was wonderful. She was always very kind and professional. She worked hard to develop and deliver a plan to improve my physical condition.

Things have greatly improved since beginning physio. I go up an down stairs easily now with little to no pain. Putting on my socks and cutting my toenails are no longer scary and painful. I have a lot more strength in my knees and no longer feel like a big ox getting up from the floor. Overall, I feel like I used to 10 years ago.

I still have some work to do to maintain the gains that I have made and to continue to improve but with the knowledge I have gained by coming here, I can keep moving forward. 

Thank you Christina.”

André L.

“My time spent here was awesome. I was well respected and I improved my balance. My thanks go to Hilary for being so helpful and suggesting different exercises that helped me tremendously.

Thank you Hilary for a job well done.”

Alexia C.

"When I came in, I could barely read, do groceries, drive. I thought about changing careers since getting back to a regular lifestyle seemed so far away. I came here and instantly I felt heard. I could be honest about how debilitated I felt and I was shown compassion, understanding, patience and, thankfully, solutions.

I can’t express how thankful I am that I can get back to work and helping patients of my own."

carole B.

“I’ve had vertigo for three months. After 3 visits, the dizziness and nausea are gone. I’m so happy!!! The staff is wonderful! Big smiles receive you. They’re professional and competent and you look forward to seeing them again! Thank you!!!”

Susan K.

"I came to prepare for knee surgery. I have achieved my goal of more strength and flexibility and feel I can recover from surgery much better therefore I can be pain free after surgery and live life better"

jude B.

“I could not walk long distance in the beginning. Now no problem. No more dizziness after one month. Good exercises to improve vertigo.

Merci beaucoup.”

lisa S.

“My 4 month old son came to physiotherapy because he had a flat spot on the back of his head and around the side of his head. I was devastated when I found out about it and was worried he’d have to wear a helmet or wouldn’t develop properly.

After coming to Mikella, she reassured me that his condition was fixable and he would be okay. Despite my kiddo not liking tummy time, we were shown a variety of exercises and activities for him to do and week by week he became stronger and the flat spots rounded out.

Tummy time still isn’t his favourite but we have lots of ways to make it fun as he continues his development. I feel more confident in my abilities to ensure my baby is meeting his milestones and growing as well as he possibly can. 

Being given all of the resources and taught how to manage my baby’s movement has made such a difference. 

Thank you so much Mikella and the team over at Neuro Physio!”

cyndy p.

"I originally came in because of the numbness in my feet. 

Having been for a nerve study and with my nerves being diminished, I felt the need to make sure that I could eventually get the feeling back which I did with learning to balance and be aware of where my feet were when standing."

Nicole C.

"It has been a pleasant experience working with Hillary. 

With this new program, I have experienced strength in both my legs. I always looked forward to my weekly appointments.

Thank You."

Sandra K.

"I was in a motor vehicle accident and suffered from concussion and whiplash. 

Through working with Karine, Christina and Leila, I was able to return to work within 4 months.

The care, concern and comfortable feeling of being among friends/family they gave to me helped with my returning to myself and the well being of me physically and mentally. 

This is a place of warmth and heart. I thank you for going above and beyond in helping me to achieve success."

Tyna R.

"I have been going to see Karine for physio and help with movement and balance and much more for about 6 months or so. 

I was diagnosed with MS 25 years ago and have tried many many treatments but to no avail. I heard about Karine and her work with neuroplasticity and many neurological conditions. 

I went to an information session and thought what the heck I'll give this a try. It is a lot of work that you need to do consistently but it works. For once I understand the direction I need to go in to get better and I am seeing results.

I very much like the way that Karine approaches challenges that clients are having with fervor and creativity. I am so grateful to her for all the help she's given me and others. Neuro Physio and Karine offer an exemplary and innovative approach to help those with neurological conditions."

Stéphan P.

"I got great results. Karine Lagacé is an extremely knowledgeable Neuroplasticity Physiotherapist. 

She has helped me tremendously with my post-stroke recovery. I have returned to work and she has played a key role in my recovery. 

I recommend her to anyone struggling with post-stroke rehabilitation and neurodegenerative illnesses, such as MS and Parkinson's. I cannot thank her enough. Thank you so much Neuro Physio !!"
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