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Neuro Physio is dedicated to providing everyone that walks through our door, the best Sudbury physiotherapy experience possible.

We love our community and desire to help all residents of the City of Greater Sudbury and surrounding communities with all their Sudbury physiotherapy needs. 

You do not need to travel to the “big city” for quality care. Neuro Physio has everything you need for a quick recovery.

You can get through this and Neuro Physio is here to help you

We will address your concerns
We will assess your functional limitations
We will develop an individualized treatment plan
We will assist you in achieving your maximum level of function

We’re excited to meet you and to show you how Neuro Physio in Sudbury is different while providing physiotherapy and neuro physiotherapy services.

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There comes a point when you just can’t or don’t want to deal with the pain anymore. Your quality of life suffers because of this. 

We understand that pain can affect you in countless ways. You start feeling differently about going to work, playing with your kids, getting back into sports, or taking a walk with your family. 

Before it gets worse let’s fix it. It’s not as hard as you think to benefit from physiotherapy. 

We help our clients get back on track all the time and here’s how we can help you:


If you are experiencing increased pain and stiffening in any of your joints and muscles, physiotherapy can help you find the right exercises to reduce your symptoms. Take a look at what we treat. We aim to offer the best physiotherapy in Sudbury.

Neuro Physiotherapy

Neuro physiotherapy can help you improve and maintain your level of function, despite your diagnosis. We have special techniques and exercises that help retrain your brain to make better movements.

Pediatric Physiotherapy

Newborns and children have specific needs to help them grow. Pediatric Physiotherapy uses play time to help reposition parts of the body for optimal growth and development. Play-based assessments and treatments will get your child back on track as quickly as possible to prevent any long term impairments.


We offer a variety of Free Workshops on specific topics at Neuro Physio in Sudbury. Our goal is to provide education to you, to help you manage your mobility better. 


Chronic pain, neck pain, car accidents (Motor vehicle accidents), nervous system issues, trigger points, knee pain, back pain, muscle tightness, and much more...


About Neuro Physio

The mission of Neuro Physio is to offer local affordable rehabilitation for physiotherapy clients that are affected by neurological, physical or chronic pain conditions. Many health professionals still believe that neurological conditions can't improve.

Neuro Physio is here to disprove this belief. Using evidence-based practice from up-to-date research, this business allows people to find ways to improve their mobility, despite their expected poor prognosis. Neuro Physio wants to give hope to those who have lost it.

Our vision at Neuro Physio is to have an established rehabilitation facility for local Sudbury physio care, where people living with neurological conditions can find support, courage, and motivation.

We pride ourselves on our values of respect, privacy, confidentiality, and hope.

We hope to become one of the go-to places to get physiotherapy in Sudbury. You will receive direct hands-on one-on-one care with your physiotherapist in a professional and friendly manner which will make you feel like you’re family.


Stéphan P.

from Sudbury

"I got great results. Karine Lagacé is an extremely knowledgeable Neuroplasticity Physiotherapist. 

She has helped me tremendously with my post-stroke recovery. I have returned to work and she has played a key role in my recovery. 

I recommend her to anyone struggling with post-stroke rehabilitation and neurodegenerative illnesses, such as MS and Parkinson's. I cannot thank her enough. Thank you so much Neuro Physio !!"

Tyna R.

from Sudbury

"I have been going to see Karine for physio and help with movement and balance and much more for about 6 months or so. 

I was diagnosed with MS 25 years ago and have tried many many treatments but to no avail. I heard about Karine and her work with neuroplasticity and many neurological conditions. 

I went to an information session and thought what the heck I'll give this a try. It is a lot of work that you need to do consistently but it works. For once I understand the direction I need to go in to get better and I am seeing results.

I very much like the way that Karine approaches challenges that clients are having with fervor and creativity. I am so grateful to her for all the help she's given me and others. Neuro Physio and Karine offer an exemplary and innovative approach to help those with neurological conditions."

Sandra K.

from Sudbury

"I was in a motor vehicle accident and suffered from concussion and whiplash. 

Through working with Karine, Christina and Leila, I was able to return to work within 4 months.

The care, concern and comfortable feeling of being among friends/family they gave to me helped with my returning to myself and the well being of me physically and mentally. 

This is a place of warmth and heart. I thank you for going above and beyond in helping me to achieve success."

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