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Neuro Physio is dedicated to providing everyone that walks through our door, the best Sudbury physiotherapy experience possible.

We love our community and desire to help all residents of the City of Greater Sudbury in Ontario and surrounding communities with all their Sudbury physiotherapy needs. 

At Neuro Physio, we are dedicated to taking our time with you, using only treatment methods that have been proven to work for your particular problem.

You can get through this and Neuro Physio is here to help you

We will address your concerns
We will assess your functional limitations
We will develop an individualized treatment plan
We will assist you in achieving your maximum level of function

We’re excited to meet you and to show you how Neuro Physio in Sudbury is different while providing physiotherapy, pelvic physiotherapy and neuro physiotherapy services.

Call us at 705-586-2366 to schedule your first appointment.


There comes a point when you just can’t or don’t want to deal with the pain or injury anymore. 
Your quality of life suffers because of this. 

We understand that your injury or pain can affect you in countless ways. 
You start feeling differently about going to work, playing with your kids, getting back into sports, or taking a walk with your family. 

Before it gets worse, let’s fix it. It’s not as hard as you think to get rid of your pain or improve your mobility. 

We help our clients get back on track all the time and here’s how we can help you:


If you are experiencing increased pain and stiffening in any of your joints and muscles (ex: neck pain), physiotherapy and manual therapy can help you find the right exercises to reduce your symptoms and prevent them from coming back. Take a look at what we treat. We aim to offer the best physiotherapy in Sudbury.

Pediatric Physiotherapy

Children born with neurological conditions need special care and attention throughout their motor development. Physiotherapists use play time to help reposition parts of the body for optimal growth and development. Play-based assessments and treatments will keep your child engaged in their therapy while they work toward their milestones to give them the best outcome possible.

Neurological Physiotherapy

Neurological physiotherapy can help you improve and maintain your level of function, despite your diagnosis. We have special techniques and exercises that help retrain your brain to move better and increase your mobility. 

Pelvic Physiotherapy

When your pelvic floor doesn't work properly, you might experience things like incontinence, pelvic pain or back pain. Pelvic Physiotherapists are trained and certified to perform external and internal assessments of the pelvic area and use targeted exercises to help you reach your functional goals.


Our physiotherapists can help with the following:

Chronic pain, migraines, neck pain,  shoulder pain, back pain, hip pain, knee pain,  muscle tightness, poor balance, vertigo, dizziness, concussion recovery, sports injuries and much more...


About Neuro Physio

The mission of Neuro Physio is to offer local affordable rehabilitation for physiotherapy clients that are affected by neurological, physical, or chronic pain conditions. Many health care professionals still believe that neurological conditions can't improve for their patient.

Neuro Physio is here to disprove this belief. Using evidence-based practice from up-to-date research, this business allows people to find ways to improve their well being and their mobility, despite their expected poor prognosis. Neuro Physio wants to give hope to those who have lost it.

Our vision at Neuro Physio is to have an established rehabilitation facility for local Sudbury physiotherapy care, where people living with mobility problems or pain can find support, courage, and motivation.

Our physiotherapists pride themselves on values of respect, privacy, and hope.

When you choose Neuro Physio for your physiotherapy in Sudbury, you become part of a family. Your physiotherapist will provide direct hands-on one-on-one patient care with you in a professional and friendly manner which will make you feel like you’re family.

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